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Here eye shadows become spells to challenge your image
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Prices are approximate and depend on the bank currency rate. Paid in Russian ruble.

028 — based on the Pack Leader

Quite a universal metallic shade that is perfect for the earthy and fiery types, as well as for medium tone-contrast types. If you belong to a more delicate airy or water type, use this shade as an accent in your makeup look and combine it with lighter shades.

Ingredients: Mica (77019), Iron oxide (77491), Lanolin Anhydrous, PEG-8, Capric Triglyceride, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cyclomethicone, Isododecane, White Oil, Phenoxyethanol.

The composition of the product complies with the Russian safety requirements for cosmetic products. 

The formula of the pressed shades is developed by us, and contains no talc or other fillers, which allowed us to keep the shades bright and shiny!

Refill options:

Full size —  a pan of 26mm, net weight 1,8 (+-0.5) gram depending on the shade. A standard refill sized, suitable for magnet palettes and cases.

Micro size — 15mm, 0.45-0.75 gram — a travel-sized option. Very tiny!

Although the travel size palettes are great for putting into a bag and enjoying the makeup whenever you want, the refills contain only ⅓ weight of a full-sized product.

Discount is not applied to the micro-sized refills!

Please contact manager@sigil.me if you’d like to add refills in the joint venture.

The shades are made with no texture additives that soften the texture because they also reduce brightness and saturation. This is why some shades may appear rough!

Application tips:

Apply matte shades onto a dried-up base! The wet base can cause a patchy look and darkening of a shade,

Satin shades look the best when applied wet! Just moisten up a brush before using the shade. You may also try applying it with a finger, even with a slightly wet one!

The formula of the pressed shades is developed by us, and contains no talc or other fillers, which allowed us to keep the shades bright and shiny! The refills are of a standard size (26mm) and suitable for the magnetic palettes.

The COIN series mostly has the same shades as the loose eyeshadow series, with some exceptions.

The loose eyeshadows unveil their full potential when applied wet, but you may not have time for doing so in the morning or when you are in a hurry. That's when the pressed eyeshadows come into play! They are easier to use and may be applied without a base.

Due to some differences, some names of the pressed versions may be changed to avoid confusion. Moreover, the refills are given numbers for the same reason. The comparison of the loose and the pressed shades, as well as the original names, are given in the product description.

What is the best way to apply the SIGIL COIN pressed products? Apply the eyeshadows the way you like, with a brush, a sponge, or a finger! Putting on the eyeshadows with a wet finger surely gives you the densest look (and a foil effect for metallic shades)!

The displayed color of the swatches may differ from the color of the applied product. Many factors may affect the result: application method, eyeshadow base, skin tone, reflexes, lighting, the way you percept colors. There's no "right" condition of a shade. Good news is, that you can apply the shade in a way you find the most suitable. For example, you may apply it thick or just swipe a brush to achieve a see-through effect. You can make big particles stand out and shine brighter than the sun or just leave a tiny hint. 

Swatches are given for an approximate understanding of the color. If you’d like to explore more, check the comparison swatches or photos of other buyers.


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