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Here eye shadows become spells to challenge your image
Today, we introduce to you our new palette series called Adventure!
Each palette welcomes you to live through an experience, whether it is a solemn coronation and a run with golden-horned deers or a bakery robbery accompanied by a resounding thunderstorm. Find the wildest adventure that matches your spirit!

Consider each 7-pan palette a compilation of shades based on a specific mood, which means that some shades also come in other palettes of this or any other series.
The Adventure palettes come in two types: with the common shades (e.g. matte) or with the Extra series shades.

The Adventure series palettes come in synthetic leather packaging.

NEW REFILL SIZE - medium-sized refills of 20mm which contain 1gr(+/- 0.15gr) of a product.

Q: Will the palette refills be sold separately?
A: Sure! You can purchase any shade of the palette, but buying the whole palette is beneficial.

Q: These refills look smaller, can 1gr of a product fit into there?
A: While pressed, the powder is tightly compressed and therefore takes less space.

Q: Then why do other full-sized coins weigh the same?
A: The weight of a refill correlates with the weight of ingredients. Some powders are heavier than others.

Q: What does the price depend on?
A: "No additives" is the main feature of our products. We do not use talc, which dilutes pigment and affects both price and weight. Our pressed products only contain pigment and the latest generation mica powder.
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