Wholesale and Joint Purchase
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Here eye shadows become spells to challenge your image

Wholesale and Joint Purchase

Wholesale and Joint Purchase


If you would like to make a bulk order, please contact our manager at sigilinspired@gmail.com. Elena sends a price list by request and answers your questions!

Joint Purchase.

If your order is 25,000 rubles and more, you are eligible for the 20% discount! Use the code SPSALE while placing an order.


  • the order is placed on sigil.me and processed by us as a regular order

  • you used the code: SPSALE

  • If some shades you’ve chosen are not in stock, we’ll ask you to choose other shades for substitution

  • The order processing takes 2-5 days

  • The shipping fee may be changed, for more info please contact manager@sigil.me

  • DISCOUNT IS NOT APPLIED to special sets, storage boxes, Cosmic dust series, Fairy dust series, and the whole Sales and Other section, Palettes, Sigil Coins

A buyer’s memo:

To avoid any misunderstandings, we have to warn customers that our company is responsible for the quality of the products up to the point we hand it over to the carrier company. 

According to the Civil code of the Russian Federation, damage caused during the carriage of cargo or baggage is reimbursed by the carrier:

in case of loss or missing cargo or baggage - in the amount of the value of the lost or missing cargo or baggage;

in case of damage (spoilage) of cargo or baggage - in the amount of its value, which has reduced its value, if it is impossible to restore the damaged cargo or baggage - in the amount of its value;

in case of loss of cargo or baggage handed over to the declaration of its value - in the amount of the declared value of the cargo or baggage.

The cost of the cargo or baggage is based on its price specified in the seller's work or provided for by the contract.

Upon receipt of the goods, inspect it in the presence of a representative of the carrier company BEFORE signing the documents accompanying the goods. In case of damage or shortage of goods, leave a corresponding note on the accompanying documents.