Orders placed up to 04/29 will be processed and sent by 04/30.For orders placed on 04/30, tracking numbers will be attached on 05/11.Orders made during the holidays (05/1 - 05/10) will be processed starting 05/11. The website platform has been changed! Click to reset your account
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Shipping cost is calculated automatically when ordering. The approximate cost of 1 shade is from 3.90 USD / 3.40 Euro (250 rub) - the exact calculation at the rate of your bank. The approximate cost of delivery is from 5-7 Euro / 6-8 USD - the exact calculation at the rate of your bank.

Delivery method - postage. We start packing orders right after we receive them (on working hours Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Gmt - Moskow). Packing an order may require one to five business days. Shipment cost depends on the weight of the package. The shipment cost for packages worth more than 260 EUR and 300 USD is discussed individually with an online store manager at 

Time of international delivery depends on your location and can take up to 30 days at an average of two weeks. After your package has been sent, the order’s status is changed to “Sent”. You can then check the tracking number for your package by accessing your account.

We apologize for the possible delays in the shipping of international parcels! As you may know, transport links between countries have been significantly reduced to prevent the spread of the virus. At the moment, international parcels are sent with passenger aircraft as additional load.
Therefore, delivery terms have also been extended. We hope normal shipping will be restored soon!
In the meantime, consider using the UPS Super Express upgraded shipping, Delivery terms: 3-5 days after processing, Buyer Protection, 100% guaranteed refund in case of a lost parcel!

Every order is wrapped and decorated individually by our wrapping master. Every week the wrapping style and theme are different. You can see what this week’s theme is on our social media page at on our blog.



We accept payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and Maestro payment systems.



1. The customer is responsible for the contents and accuracy of the information provided while processing an order.

2. The order is shipped via Russian Post to the address provided. (Your full name, index, full mailing address and contact phone number are obligatory) Order information sent through a separate email doesn’t guarantee correct shipment because orders start being processed and packaged right after they are received. If the information is corrected, shipment time may be postponed. Please, make sure the information provided is correct!

3. You can’t add to or delete items from an already registered order.

4. The seller is not responsible for the work of the Russian Post and can’t influence shipment speed and other characteristics. 

5. If you want to track a missing shipment, you need to contact our online store manager, who will send you a shipping check copy. A missing claim can be filed either by the receiver or by the seller, or a trustee of either party (with a proxy provided).

6. Unpaid orders are deleted from our website in 7 days after being received.

7. Shipments are held at your local post office for a month after their arrival. Unclaimed packages are returned to the sender. After receiving such a package, the sender informs the purchaser through an email listed in the order information. The purchase information can be sent again provided that the purchaser pays for the package return and its further shipment. The orders which stay unclaimed for a month after their return are unpackaged and are not subject to re-shipping. 

8. When receiving order, check whether the inner package is intact.

9. One order generally receives only one gift wrap. You can add an extra in our “Sales and other benefits”.

10. A registered order is the evidence that you are familiar and agree with the conditions.

11. Saturday and Sunday are days off. Orders that are received on Sat. and Sun. start being assembled on Monday.