This week, we are to switch the website platform!
Therefore, we kindly ask you to do the following:
- check your “favourites” section and save the desired shades before 6 p.m. Moscow time
- make sure you have access to the email your account is linked to as we reset the login sessions

Please note: we’ll be adding the orders and bonus points information within the next two weeks!

We’re already working on more features to make your experience with our shop even better!
For now, we are happy to introduce you the following updates:

- Locations are back in the shades list!
- Alphabet and “most popular” sorting as well as working filters!
- Improved search engine allows you to search through the shades and articles
- You may now attach photos to your review!
- The out-of-stock items can still be found in the shop
- Discounts are displayed in the cart

In case of any issues, contact for more info!
Love, Sigil