Today we offer you a special "Green Apricot" set of 5 shadows of close hues for the price of 500 RUB. 

It’s really handy if you want to pick the perfect shade of a specific tone or just want to experiment a little.

The volume of the products is three times less than usual (it may seem very small compared to the usual amount of product in the box), but the collective volume of all the products is 1,8 ml.

Package format: a stack of shadows with one lid.

Palette: Sacred Innocence, She Who Plays With the Scarabs, The Wanderer, The Valkyrie, The Harbinger of Sunrise.


"Sacred Innocence":

"She Who Plays With the Scarabs":

"The Wanderer":

"The Valkyrie":

"The Harbinger of Sunrise":

NOTE: Discounts don't apply for this set. Promotion is limited by the amount of sets. The amount of sets in one order is not limited. 
Orders that remain unpaid within 24 hours are discarted. For retail orders only.