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Lucian was standing right at the door of his old house that once full of life and fun. The roof which Morgan used to call "the winter garden", was partially collapsed. It's funny how high-society people always have their own names for everything, including a roof.

These days, his family had lived on a farm, in blessed solitude, quite far from the city. Children had dropped out of school, having barely learned reading and writing — sheep grazing had never been a tough work anyway. Lucian, whose real name was rather Louis, had really mastered this job.

Once the crew of a noble gentleman had been passing by the farm. Something had happened, and the carriage had broken down. Lucian's father had volunteered to help and provide an overnight stay to such an important guest.
It had been a festive day for Lucian since his mother had taken out the best cheese, and his father had opened the wine stocked up for a special occasion. Morgan, the Earl, had been pleased with such a warm welcome, he had been enjoining his time at the farm. The one thing that had been bothering his mind, was Louis.
"This young boy", he thought, "he's so handsome. I want him to pose for a statue in my garden! Such beauty should remain for centuries, and time, alas, acts monstrous and evil with beautiful people like us..."
Louis had no idea what to say. He couldn't even imagine that man could once please one's eyes.

Morgan smiled. "Yes, my dear. I once looked just like you, even better since the sun has never touched my pale skin!.." He tilted his head, and wrinkles covered the flabby skin of his neck. Louis could almost feel the white powder that was all over the old man's face.

The doubt in minds of Louis' parents flew away and they let their son with the Earl — and the boy was eager to see all this luxury, the servants, the money he was promised for his work.
"But be careful", said the father. "There are things that cannot be sold for money"

The time passed really fast. Louis' name was now Lucian, his clothes were all fancy, but the manners sometimes reminded of his low descent. After one statue came another one, and then the third, and then there were dozens. He has been receiving so many gifts and money, that he felt as if he was living in a paradise. He couldn't imagine coming back to the farm to those peasants.

Poisoned by idleness and debauchery, he sometimes could notice the condemnatory look of a servant girl. He told himself she was driven by envy because it was he who had been chosen to live like a god.

One morning, the Earl disappeared. According to his death will, the whole house and part of his fortune now belonged to Lucian — and this was nonsense, that could only be compared to leaving all the money to a cabin girl. Suddenly, all the doors closed right in front of him. He was never welcomed as he was just a shepherd, a peasant, a rich man's toy.

"I'll show you all!", he cried, ripping the silken bedsheets, "When he's back, I'll show you who I am!"

And he waited. His hair turned gray, and his clothes were worn out, although he was still young. The only thing that reminded of his past glory, was the statue that was not touched by the time...