The Week of a Bad Temper!

They say a girl should be all flowers and butterflies, champagne bubbles, doves and sweethearts! They say you turn into a spinster if you are a rebel and you know what you want. Even a parrot in a cage has its character, why should I tame myself?

“I hereby announce the Week of a Bad Temper!” said a little robber-girl. She jumped off the stool and began eating. The thugs surrounding her just shared a look. She didn’t give an impression as someone had ever taught her manners.

“You’ll see,” One of the men whispered to his sidekick. “In seven years, she’ll be in charge of everything, just like her father.”

“Bad” girls do whatever they want.

Welcome to the Week of a Bad Temper!

20% off the wildest shades!
Little Wicked Girl
Tricky Cheat
Lady Drama
Little She-Devil

This week, we’ll take a closer look at the following shades of the new collection: Meeting the Wind among Willows, Barynya, Bronze Caravan Driver

The drop-game is to be held on 05/17/2020.*

*Please note that the game can be rescheduled or even cancelled.