Welcome to the Week of the Antlers!

Dyna and Rutha, the two close friends, are hurrying to the forest. Dyna acts as if she were strict and grown-up, but you may note tiny antlers hiding in her gorgeous hair — the same antlers are to be found on Rutha’s head.

When the spring comes, young deer have itchy antlers and horns, which makes them crave for a fight. A friendly fight, of course, there’s no reason to harm each other.
The forest feels new and refreshed, new sound are coming from beneath the snow as is the new life. The wind brings warm weather and birds keep chirping in the glory of the spring to keep the cold season away.

Having played enough, the girls clear the way for the creek together with other forest dwellers.They sing along the bird songs, and bring home willow twigs for flower and berry baskets.

Do you feel itchy?

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