The Week of Rainbow begins:
after rain comes fair weather! We welcome you to the brightest week with a special marathon of colors!
This week, you'll have an opportunity to collect a rainbow out of stacks, get acquainted with our Master of Colors, check out the new swatches and reviews, and participate in a marathon!
The drop game will be held right after the end of non-working days. We will keep all the announced sets so you have extra-time to choose what you like!
All the discounts and special offers can be found in the "Sales and Other" section of!

The Marathon of the Seven Colors!
To brighten up your days, we decided to start a marathon full of the most vivid shades.
Each day has a specific color according to the rainbow palette.
YOUR TASK is to create a makeup look using the color of the day. You may use whatever objects you find appropriate (clothing, decoration, background), but please avoid enhancing your works with photo editors and filters to add the color.
Make a photo or two and post it:

*ON VK: post it in the thread with the color announcement,
* ON INSTAGRAM: post it on your profile adding the hashtag #sigil_rainbow and the hashtag of the color (e.g. #sigil_red)
The photo must be posted on the exact day of the color!
The atmosphere of color is very important in the marathon. Using shades from the Sigil Inspired by Tammy Tanuka Palette is great but if you don't have any. you may use other brand's shades.

EACH PARTICIPANT who manages to finish 3 days of the marathon obtains a
code for a special gift. This gift is created for the marathon and is not for selling. One participant = one account on the = one gift shade.

TO OBTAIN THE CODE you are to post photos of your makeup looks, providing the evidence of your participating in the marathon.

USE THE CODE when placing an order on You can't get a gift without purchasing.

HOW DOES THE GIFT SHADE LOOKS LIKE: it's a topper shade of multicolored mica with a holographic hint.