Welcome to the Week of Milk and Diamonds!

You probably think of gloomy and dark-haired people when someone mentions the Twilight Lands’ dwellers. I bet you imagine them howling in the forests along with the moaning ghosts and rebellious undead.
But what if you are wrong? Have you heard of the finest cobweb lace that is made in these Lands, or maybe you know the secret recipe for skin softening that the local girls are so proud of? These sophisticated twilight fashionistas are born to impress, and even the fairest ladies of the Light Castle consider they are tough competitors.

30% off the sparkling shades:
The Great Master
The Artist!
Carefree Joker

This week, we take a closer look at the following shades from the new spring collection: Enigma, Gone with the Dreams, Creamy Cloud, as well as the Smoky Wolf nail polish.

Special offer is available for order until the Monday noon (04/27 12 p.m. Moscow time). Discounts and other offers are not applied to this set!