Good morning!
This week... Oh, these two weeks are the Weeks of Curiosity!

Have you ever felt like looking into the future? Not the future itself, but maybe the hottest fashion trends? For that special occasion, we've got a crystal ball!
What, 7 years forward, the Castle of the Night? Well, let's see! Vampires are wearing green corduroy clothes!
What's in the Twilight Lands? Ashy lips and pink smoky eyes of the Elven Girls!
Have you seen the Toad-like makeup-looks? That's the latest trend of the Wonderwoods! Are you sure you want to keep exploring?

Alas, there will be no drop-game these weeks. But we've prepared a ton of tutorials and ideas for your pleasure, are you ready to try them out?

The packaging is mixed, some unique combinations are coming!