“What is that smell coming from the forbidden forest?”
“You call yourself a big girl and you’re still asking? The witches are burning lavender fires in the woods, and that's how the haze spreads reaching the village”
“Why would anyone burn lavender?”
The grandmother laughs.
“Come and ask them once you’re a grown-up”
The girl is persistent, and the old woman has no choice but to tell.
“Four witches hold their hands and shout the cherished words to the four sides, these words are only known to sorcerers and crows! The witches thank the destiny for their gifts. And the fires are burnt to keep away all the troubles in winter”
“How do you know it, granny! Have you met a real witch?”

The old woman looks at the child, and there is wild fire in her emerald green eyes. When the girl is old enough, she is sure to know the secret of the forest, and to burn her first bonfire. Once she grows up, she is to ask her newfound sisters about everything she needs to know.

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