What a giant bundle of brushwood Martha brought from the forest! It looked as if the brushwood pile grew a pair of legs and walked down the town street. Martha was quite a strong girl, she would better bring it all at once than sneak back and forth with half-empty hands. 
While the brushwood was cracking in the fire, she began making dinner and filling the pots. Soon, her granny would return from the fair and maybe bring gingerbread!
Ah, granny! That wise woman taught her a lot, and one thing Martha knew for sure: you would better not idle when you're upset. Start doing something, and you'd see the sky clearing up!

Limited shade"Crackling brushwood":

Do you want to get it as a gift?

1) Place an order on more than 1000 rubles (shipping fee excluded).

2) Make sure to place a paid order until 12 p.m. 03/29 Moscow time to be eligible to obtain the limited shade.

Otherwise, you are not eligible to participate in the game.

3) Wait for your magic parcel!

Bonus: Every participant of a drop-game also counts as a participant of a bonus giveaway: today we've got 13 surprise bags for you.

Conditions and description:

GIFT: "Crackling brushwood" — soft nude shade with silver splashes.

Your chances: Your order total is more than 1000 rubles (shipping fee excluded). Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section.

Moreover, all the drop-game participants have a chance to win one of the gift bags in a giveaway!

1) 10 small drops with the "She Who Lights the Way":

2) 2 medium drops with the shades :

The Affable One:

Smart Girl:

3) 1 big drop consists of shades:

The Littlest One:

She Who Likes Sweets:

The Battlemage:

Ghostly Lover:

RULES: NO CODE WORD the new limited shade is added AUTOMATICALLY to all the orders on more than 1000 rubles (shipping fee excluded). Make sure to place a paid order until 12 p.m. 03/29 Moscow time to be eligible to obtain the limited shade. Each participant can only get 1 limited shade no matter how many orders are placed.

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Here's an example of this week's packaging style: