A loud crowd surrounded Rufus. His long beard immediately caught everyone’s attention, people gasped at how big and bushy it was.
Rufus was smiling. A bigger secret is yet to be revealed. The man waited until the crowd got quiet and started singing. His deep voice, a bit hoarse but still gentle, crawled into people’s hearts and evoked memories of the carefree childhood and happiness. Rufus sang about his mother's smile, the bright blue sky, the thirst for travel, and about how far away he had strayed from his dreams.
People around didn’t expect this big man to find such delicate words. When his songs ended, he pointed to the tents nearby.

“This life was given to us for happiness, Ladies and Gentlemen! Come and see what we, the wandering artists, have brought to you from all over the world!”

Welcome to the Week of Wandering Musicians!