НАБОР "Первый бал в новом образе: малиновые кружева"
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Here eye shadows become spells to challenge your image
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у вас есть вопросы? задайте их нам!
у вас есть вопросы? задайте их нам!
Наш консультант ответит на все ваши вопросы совершенно бесплатно
задать вопрос
гармоничные подборки от повседневных до ярких и сияющих оттенков!
А вы видели наши мини-наборы?
плохо поддающийся оттенок?
приручи его!

"Top hat of a mysterious man" set

₽950 ~$13.81
Prices are approximate and depend on the bank currency rate. Paid in Russian ruble.
"Top hat of a mysterious man" set is now available on our official website sigil.me! 
7 shades: She hears requests of Squirrels, Bombardier, The Show-off, Tailed Beast, Separated from Heaven, Heart of the Storm, Paladin.

Shades in the set come in sample-sized jars and the volume for common shades is 0.3 mL. The total volume of the 7 shades - 2,1 mL.

What are these fair pillars in the middle of the road?

You looked up and saw a mysterious stranger standing on stilts. He didn’t look like some regular man: he’s got a bird’s nest on his hat full of colorful eggs, stars dance in his eyes and facial expression radiates the mystery.

- Mister, - you sound like an adult speaking to adults, though the desire to ask simple childish questions remains. - My name is Lars.
- Nice to meet you, - he touched his hat. My name is Tybalt, I’m touring around your lands.
- Touring?
Sure, with the circus, that’s the job of mine. Have a great day, distinguished Lars, come see the show.

Tybalt surprisingly deftly stooped and in just a second you find one of those colorful eggs in your hands. How extraordinary the people’s job can be, not boring whatsoever.

COLOR: There is no specific backstory to this compilation. This is a wonderful hodgepodge of this and that, which makes it an all purpose color extravaganza!

Special mini-set is available for order until the next drop-game. Discounts and other offers are not applied to this set!
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