Here eyeshadows become summoning spells for your brand new look
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Limited Shades and Artefacts

ATTENTION! THESE PRODUCTS CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED FOR BONUS POINTS. To place an order you must be part of the "INITIATED" group. Join the community and receive bonuses in the form of rare and legendary products. How do you join the group? - You have 12 or more purchased colours in your account collection, 

- You are a private party (and don't engage in cash & carry wholesale). All conditions met? Write us a letter at labelled with the word "INITIATION". Write the e-mail address to which your account is assigned and you will be able to access the "Enchanted market" where you can make purchases for bonus points!* MORE on the terms and conditions: 

- should you change your private account to wholesale, access to bonus goods will be limited, 

- no refunds and/or exchanges on products bought with bonus points (except for defected goods or mistakes in the order), 

- points can be awarded for purchases (5% from the cost of the products, at the rate of 1 ruble = 1 point), won in drop-games, contests and raffles. Artifacts can only be obtained for bonus points. Limited colours can be bought for bonus points (right here, right now) or won for free in a drop-game (look out for our announcements), each colour features approximately once in three years. Also, each year we present several new limited colours in our drop-game.
EVENTS TAKE PLACE ON TUESDAYS, watch out for our announcements on our Instagram @tammytanuka and the site's home page.

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