«Mollo, dear, pass me the green bottle over there!»
Mollo’s beloved, Isabel, rarely introduced him to her secrets. She was angelic pretty, and only her sharp teeth that peeked when she smiled pointed to her predatory nature. She said she was twenty-something, but it could also happen to be hundreds and thousands. Mollo knew there was plenty of poisons and elixirs in these bottles, he just never dared to ask about them.
And even if he did, what use could it be? The young man looked like a villain himself, all pale and graceful, with wildfire in his eyes. Maybe, that was the reason Isabel never trusted him.
She would such a woman need a man like him? Maybe, for some sort of intrigue. As always, Mollo got carried away with his fantasies, and the future seemed to him sweeter than any sugar potion

Welcome to the Week of Conspiracies and Secret Societies!
Put on the fanciest velvet collars and sharpen your teeth, oddity makes perfect!
Another drop-game awaits you this Sunday, repeated limited shade as a gift.