Welcome to the Week of Beauty and Freedom!
This week, we prepared for you tester-stacks of accent shades and another drop game with a repeated limited shade!

Lily’s combing her granny’s grey hair and puts them into a neat bun.
When she was a young girl, she used to have ginger red hair, long and strong. She had to hide them in tight buns and under scarves, she wore grey clothes - just to appear timid and obedient.
But one day, her friends and she put on the brightest dresses and let their hair down, they sing songs along and celebrated the spring coming.

People told them, no one would ever marry such rebellious girls, but the girls just laughed at them. The girls proved them wrong! They were going to work hard and sell dyed clothes to merchants. It turned out to be a profitable business.

“That was bold!”, the little girl exclaimed.
“You can do that do, darling! No one can tell you what to do!”