Welcome to the Week of Watercolor!

"Think of sunsets! Transparent but with complex tones, this is exactly what spring is made of, it’s the epitome of love, whirling, and…"

The Art Critic Lady from the Castle of Light was so exalted that students couldn’t get a hint of what they were going to study. Some of them paid no attention to the teacher’s speech, while the others were busy adding the finishing touch with strictly prohibited opaque white.

As the Lady finally began evaluating student’s works, her smile became much more restrained. Here and there, she pointed out the slightest mistakes, invisible for a common eye. Nasty, flat flares, flat figures, no air, no breath.

“That’s why you need to step away from your painting from time to time, to capture the whole impression, the whole magic of it! Take away all of this from me, now, I’ll show you the sunset you can’t even imagine! ”

20% off the watercolor shades:
- The Bubbly Drummer
- Dreamer
- Dasher
- Sylphida the Windrunner

Don’t miss the drop-game on Sunday!

Анна Викторовна,
автор колонки о новинках