A young woman standing in front of Olaf was slowly turning into a man. She drank a potion that made her change her appearance. It was part of the plan to become a royal messenger and bring a letter to a wealthy family. 

The woman, Taywinn, planned to rob the house. She prepared two shape-shifting elixirs, a fake letter, and asked Olad to cooperate. She needed to be a man so everyone in the town would be after some handsome messenger, not a girl.

It was late at night when Taywinn knocked at the door. The man, awakened by the urgent delivery, seemed baffled. 
“What do you mean my second cousin is getting married? Am I supposed to care about this right now?”
“No idea, Sir! They asked me to deliver it personally.”

While they were arguing at the front door, Olaf was already escaping the mansion with a very precious item in his bosom. 

Written by Adele.

Limited shade "Mystery of Transformation":

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