Berry the Laceworker had two beautiful children, Beth and Mike. Everyone in this small family liked to craft and keep things in order. While the other children ran away to enjoy games, the siblings preferred cleaning and decorating the house over climbing trees and fishing. Every time they got invited, Beth and Mike politely refused.
Their favourite game was the Triumph of Light. Despite the elegant title, no child agreed to join them. The reason was that the game was a part of the house cleaning. The whole family washed the windows, and when the sun comes down, Berry, Beth and Mike come down to their well-kept garden to drink some tea.
Only once did the siblings run away from home at dawn, leaving everything behind. Berry did not mind it at all, she knew about the new neighbours down the street. That family had three children: Polly, Cristoph, and John. All of the kids liked to fix broken things and keep them neat. That's why the two families made good friends very soon.
Being different doesn’t mean you’re going to be lonely. It’s a chance to share your interest with others!

Limited shade "The Triumph of Light":

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1) Place an order on more than 750 rubles.

2) Add a code word "LIGHT" in a comment to the order and make payment till 12.00 (at noon) 06/29 (Moscow time).

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Conditions and description:

GIFT: The Triumph of Light — a stunning purple that seems to be glowing from the inside

Your chances: Your order total is more than 750 rubles. Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section.

The code word: "LIGHT

Moreover, all the drop-game participants have a chance to win one of the gift bags in a giveaway!

1) 10 small drops with the "Child of Dreams" shade:

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"The Beastiary Reader":

"She Who Hears the Lilac Whisper":

3) 1 big drop consists of shades:

"The Dreamer":

"Precious Wife":

"The Bubbly Drummer":

"Flame of Inspiration":

Code word: LIGHT

RULES: Your order total is more than 750 rubles. Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section. Specify the code word in the comment section for the order. Orders with a code word are accepted from now up until 12/00 (at noon) 06/29 (Msk). Note, that the order must be paid to meet the conditions of the game.

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Анна Викторовна,
автор колонки о новинках