Madame Lolo is no ordinary soothsayer, she is the Queen of Magicians. Her fingers are studded with rings, she carries golden chains around her neck. Those are the gifts from kings and merchants.
Let’s look at one of the rings. This one came from Angus the Terrible. Madame Lolo told him he would have a son. That was a shot in the dark, it could have been a daughter or some sort of monster. Even if Madame Lolo’s words had turned out to be wrong, she would have defended herself saying that it was the dark magician’s scheming. 

That’s the rule: if you’re right, take the money. If you’re wrong, blame the circumstances. 

A man in a shabby hat enters the room. 
“My dearest,” he says, “I lost my new hat in a card game!”
“What a pity!”
“I believe those cards were enchanted!”

Well, let’s leave these two cunning people for a moment, let them blame anything and anyone but them! Sometimes you’re so into dusting other people's brains that you switch to your beloved ones!

Limited shade "Madam Lolo’s dusting brain powder":

Do you want to get it as a gift?

1) Place an order on more than 750 rubles (shipping fee excluded).

2) Please add the code word  "LOLOto the comment section of the order: shopping cart — "change" button on the top right of the CUSTOMER block, ORDER COMMENTS field. Make sure to pay for the order till 12.00 (at noon) 02/15 (Moscow time)! 

Otherwise, you are not eligible to participate in the game.

3) Wait for your magic parcel!

Bonus: Every participant of a drop-game also counts as a participant of a bonus giveaway: today we've got 13 surprise bags for you.

Conditions and description:

GIFT: Limited shade "Madame Lolo’s dusting brain powder" — sparkling pink with gold, bright and dramatic. Use complexity: medium. Use it as: a topper shade. Requires a sticky base!

Your chances: Your order total is more than 750 rubles. Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section.

The code word: "LOLO"

Moreover, all the drop-game participants have a chance to win one of the gift bags in a giveaway!

1) 10 small drops with the "Tomato Thief":

2) 2 medium drops with the shades :



3) 1 big drop consists of shades:

The Saddest Beast:

She Who Grows Moss:


She who Seduced the Queen:

Code word: "LOLO"

RULES: Your order total is more than 750 rubles. Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section. Specify the code word in the comment section for the order. Orders with a code word are accepted from now up until 12/00 (at noon) 02/15 (Msk). Note, that the order must be paid to meet the conditions of the game.

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