Limited shade "Moon Fish":

To obtain a limited edition set:

1) place an order on more than 750 rubles which contains more than 3 shades (this is obligatory)

2) Add a code word "SKY" in a comment to the order and make payment till 9 a.m. 08/7 (Moscow time)

3) Wait for your magic parcel!

Bonus: Every participant of a drop-game also counts as a participant of a bonus giveaway: today we've got 11 surprise bags for you;



Conditions and description:

The limited edition shade "Moon Fish". A terrific shade of a cold brown color with purple hints. Easy to use.

Gifts: every participant gets this new limited set "Moon Fish"
. The set is added when the following 3 conditions are met: Your order total is more than 750 rubles,You've ordered more than 3 shades, You've entered the code word. The two first conditions are obligatory (e.g. 3 samples are suitable for the drop-game, but 2 chromatics are not enough). Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section.

Moreover, all the drop-game participants have a chance to win one of the gift bags in a giveaway!
1) There're 10 small drops:
shade "First Love":

First Love:

2) big drop bag. Consists of a ceramic vessel with the "Muse" shade and 4 shades:

Porcelain dolly:

Painting The Skies:

Leader of Lavander Chinchillas:

An Optimist:

Your chances: The drop-game is for the participants, whose order contains at least 3 shades from the sigil inspired palette and is equivalent to 750 rubles or more.

The code word: SKY

RULES: Make an order on website equivalent to 750 rub or more, containing 3 or more shades. Specify the code word in the comment section for the order.
Orders with a code word are accepted from now up until 9 a.m. of the 07th, August (Msk) Note, that the order must be paid to meet the conditions of the game. Doesn't apply to the Limited Shades and Artefacts section.


If you don't want any decoration or cards coming along with your package, tick the respective boxes while ordering.
Here's an example of this week's packaging style:

Анна Викторовна,
автор колонки о новинках